Jagua Tattooing

Similar in concept to henna tattooing, Jagua is a semi-permanent ink derived from Jagua fruit. The ink is a dark blue/black color.

Dragon Eye skin rip design on side of calf.
Queen Anne’s Lace flowers on thigh.
Sun and Moon cuff design on arm
Drying ink Alien Cat design on arm.
Lion Head on upper arm.
Feather Design on calf.
Cactus with Balloon design
Dragon on shoulder.
Dragon with Crescent moon and roses on arm.
Swirl Design on hand and Floral design on leg.
Dragon Wrap Design on foot and leg
Drying ink Geometric Lizard on leg.
Developing Swirl Wrap design on arm
Drying ink Sea Turtle and Hibiscus flowers on shoulder.
Mechanical Skull design on arm
Circles and Swirls Design in Progress